This research project will try to discover and develop natural formulations of insecticides in the control of various pests using compounds of Croatian origin, and put them into use in agriculture and related industries in Croatia and also in many other countries. New formulations of Croatian natural insecticides are the real basis for possible development of different insecticides that will fulfill the requirements for safe use and effectiveness in pest control. Besides applications in the protection of stored products, new formulation with minor modifications may be used in other areas of pest control e.g. public health and communal hygiene, plants protection in vegetation, veterinary medicine and food industry. Development of formulations will be based on the new technology of mixing and most acceptable combination of substances with different modes of action on insects, such as, physical (inert dusts) and chemical (plant extracts) mode of action. Because of the common physical and chemical (toxic) effects the efficiency against the insects is increased as compared to the same substance when applied alone. There is a great probability that a complex mode of action significantly slows the emergence of insect resistance. Since all the substances in the formulations will be of natural origin and belong to the group of “food grade” and/or “organic” substances, there should not be any concern about the harmful insecticide residues in processed commodities, on surfaces and in the area. Natural substances in the formulations of insecticides have very low, negligible toxicity and low danger to warm-blooded organisms; therefore we believe that the registration process of these insecticides will be faster. It is planned to produce these insecticides in Croatia because all components in the formulations are of Croatian origin.